Bangkok 2017

Wat Pho

Before I head back to Manila, I decided to go for a quick tour in Bangkok, Thailand. I booked a flight with Thai Airways to Manila with an 8 hour layover. So here how’s my solo adventure went out.👍🏻

I reached Bangkok at around 6:15AM, and I went straight to the Immigration counter as Philippine passport holders can enter Thailand visa free. It took me like 10-15 minutes to finish the Immigration check (It was quick!). After that I went to the Left Luggage Counter (can be found at both the Departure and Arrivals area) to leave my hand carry bag as I don’t want to go around the city with too many things with me. It cost me 100Baht per bag per 24hours.

I took the Airport Metro Rail Link to go to to the city and transferred to different metro lines. Public transportation by train was easy as you’ll see signage everywhere.

The token in the Airport Rail Link (pretty cool!)
Metro card
Inside the Airport Rail Link

It took me more or less 2 hours to get to the Grand Palace. From Saphan Taksin Station, I took a boat ride (orange flag boats are cheaper, 15Baht) going to the Grand Palace.

Wat Arun’s view from the ferry boat ride

I actually missed my stop as I was so entertained by the view. LOL So my Plan B was to go down at Tha Chang Station and walk towards the Grand Palace. I don’t know what was with me as I walked to the other direction and had to go back again. It was so hot and I was freakin’ tired already.

When I reached the Grand Palace I saw this very long line of tourists or some of them I believe are Thai people. What came into my mind was I cannot afford to spend few hours to queue under the sun, so I decided to move to my next itinerary, Wat Pho.

My next problem was how to go there. While walking I noticed few motorcycles going back and forth with passengers with them. There was also an instance that one guy asked me if I want to ride with him. (I got scared actually. haha) Then I remembered this blog I read before talking about this two-wheeled vehicle he took in Bangkok, and then I realized it’s a motorcycle, LOL. So I took one and paid him 30 Baht. It was convenient and exciting.hehe

Wat Pho is also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

Ticket to Wat Pho

Upon entering you’ll be amazed by how huge it was to fit in this small space.
Took a selfie with the Reclining Buddha 🙂
Sneaked thru some fences.

After the Reclining Buddha, I still went around Wat Pho and I realized this place is huge as well.

One of my few selfies in Wat Pho. 😀
This place is so awesome.

As it is getting late, I decided to go to MBK Center already as I need to eat some authentic Thai cuisine. From Wat Pho, I walked towards the Chao Phraya River and took a ferry ride to cross to the other side (cost me 3 Baht).

Closer look at Wat Arun, which is under renovation at the moment.

The boat going back to Sathorn Pier stops in front of Wat Arun. I took the metro to reach MBK Center. I was so hungry that the first thing I did was to EAT. lol

MBK Center
Saw this one food stall and decided to order from them. Food was cheap (I guess so)
Authentic Pad Thai

After a quick lunch, I decided to go back to the airport as my flight is at 3:00PM. It’s already 12:00PM and I need more or less an hour to reach the airport.

Inside Suvarnabhumi Airport

All I can say is I needed more time to explore Bangkok, 4 hours won’t give justice to the things you could do and explore in Bangkok. I’ll definitely come back.=)

On the side note, traveling solo is also fun but definitely it’s better to travel with someone.:)


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